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Enterprise Risk Management [CRAB®]

Risk Level Tool Model Description
Enterprise CRAB  Assessment  Comprehensive Business Risk Assessment Service to determine the organisation Risk Profile and to prioritise Top Risks for action. 
Compliance  e-Gavel  Management  Web based Legal Compliance Management tool to identify, administrate, monitor & report legal compliance and other event based tasks. 
Operational  IMRA  Assessment  Web based Integrated Management System Risk Assessment & Register services to administer Risk Assessment that complies with the requirements of all International standards and to demonstrate performance improvement over successive cycles. 

CRAB® - Enterprise Risk Assessment Tool

Top 10 Risk

Risk Vs Control

Business Risk Matrix

Organisation Risk Profile

Risk Responsiveness

Priority Matrix


Integrated Management System Risk Assessment (IMRA)

ERM Consultancy Services

Note: It is a baseline assessment of the organisation’s risks and its management profile. Knowing this is the beginning in determining the direction and quantum of progression. This may even require a relook in to the business analogy and policies adopted.

ERM Implementation Roadmap

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