“The ability to learn faster than your competitors may be the only sustainable competitive advantage.”

Arie de Geus

Case Study

Clients Objectives Our Solutions Benefits
A start-up in the arena of commercial logistics aggregator (sub 1.6T category) approached us for their process review, field rollout assessment and implementation support (training) to increase the market footprint and usage of their e-commerce app.
SBS team worked with client and their associates to assess the design, provided adequate market insights and correct process sequence for market acceptance.Further upon field assessment, internal processes and KPI were repositioned to be agile and affirmative.
Well-engineered processes & workflow Solutions for bottlenecks in the internal processes and the App Consumer psychology dynamic with the demography Future rollout strategies Internal KRA & KPI
A large business house with diverse portfolio approached us to formally evaluate their business risks and to consult on Enterprise Risk Management Practices
SBS deployed Comprehensive Business Risk Assessment (CRAB) tool to identify, assign , evaluate and analyse enterprise-wide risks to set the direction and controls by the management with least latency and error.
Risk classification was done amongst and across the verticals and common solutions were evolved as the best practice to follow Significant risks were validated scientifically and appropriate mitigating actions were initiated as per performance targets. Inventory of risks are maintained and compared annually for risk profiling and sustainability review.
A large gas transportation company engaged SBS to improve safety performance at their gas transportation network, focusing on the engagement of all personnel in cultural transformation.
We designed and implemented a Behaviour Based Safety (BBS); conducted a series of assessments and trainings as part of the BBS implementation programme; carried out behaviour intervention to correct and guide them on right attitudes towards imbibing a safety culture and building autonomy & accountability towards doing things right
A culture of accountability and ownership has set in Work review and diligence improved not just on safety, but on overall work Safe work behaviour has become a culture that needs less supervision & intervention.
A commercial shipping company was facing issues regarding work discipline, accountability of employees. It was affecting the sustainability of organisation. They engaged SBS to study their functioning and to suggest solutions.
After a detailed assessment of their functioning, SBS suggested implementing HARVEST as a solution. Detailed personality profiles for critical portfolios were established in consultation with the management. Individual personal profiles were analysed by administering a battery of psychometric questionnaires. Later, their profiles were compared with those established earlier and personnel were reassigned in groups under supervision.

Team bonding increased

Team Productivity increased

Ownership and belongingness developed

Conflicts & complaints reduced and internal solution increased

Attrition and absenteeism reduced

Personal affinity to work increased and hence the errors decreased significantly
An Oil & Gas exploration and production company wanted to establish a framework for seamlessly implementing several standards & codes, process and procedures as per business needs incorporating all tasks required to achieve its objectives
Established a framework embracing the organisation’s culture and core business philosophies as the base and integrated several management system standards & codes, processes and documentation a part of IMS, to serve as the single point of reference, review and control by the management.
Established Integrated Management System that facilitates the establishment of policy, objectives (KRA & KPI), processes, competencies, monitoring & controls, audits, analysis and management reviews. This framework can incorporate several specific requirements in future.
A conventional automotive component manufacturer of casting to finished products approached us to help them restructure their business processes to gain momentum and aggressive growth.
A detailed baseline assessment was conducted across their business processes. Apropos 4 prong strategies were implemented

- Productivity & Process Efficiency

- Human Capital Optimisation

- Market & Customer Orientation

- Management Policies & Strategies
Their entire processes were streamlined to become efficient Waste Minimisation Programme was implemented across the units Workforce optimised through training, competency development, job rotation and downsizing New product development process was made agile and proactive, customer connect initiatives were implemented Management policies were established across the board for clarity, uniformity and effectiveness in implementation.
A large ship owning and management company after taking over another similar company wanted to integrate their processes for optimal efficiency and resource utilisation
Detailed process mapping was done at both companies; their merits and demerits analysed and common way forward suggested keeping in mind the resource availability and constraints.
Common workflow for every process was established Processes were centralised and few were shifted to be managed from particular sites Interunit resource transfers were effected for optimum utilisation.