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Enterprise Risk Management [CRAB]

Risk Level Tool Model Description
Enterprise CRAB  Assessment  Comprehensive Business Risk Assessment Service to determine the organisation Risk Profile and to prioritise Top Risks for action. 
Operational  IMRA  Assessment  Web based Integrated Management System Risk Assessment & Register services to administer Risk Assessment that complies with the requirements of all International standards and to demonstrate performance improvement over successive cycles. 

CRAB - Enterprise Risk Assessment Tool

Top 10 Risk

Risk Vs Control

Business Risk Matrix

Organisation Risk Profile

Risk Responsiveness

Priority Matrix

Integrated Management System Risk Assessment (IMRA)

ERM Consultancy Services

Note: It is a baseline assessment of the organisation’s risks and its management profile. Knowing this is the beginning in determining the direction and quantum of progression. This may even require a relook in to the business analogy and policies adopted.

ERM Implementation Roadmap

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